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Free Japanese Bonus: Learn The Top 10 Japanese Goals (Steal Some For Yourself!)
2016-08-15 00:57:26
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Free Japanese Bonus: Learn The Top 10 Japanese Goals (Steal Some For Yourself!)

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Calling All Japanese Learners!
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Hello Listener,

What’s YOUR Japanese goal for this month?
We asked some of our listeners on Facebook what their monthly goals are.
Some want to master 150 words this month. Others want to pass a language test. And 40% chose one interesting and unusual goal! What is it? You’re about to find out!

Today, you’ll learn the top 10 Japanese goals for the month... in Japanese!
All so you can talk about your goals... in Japanese! Is yours on the list?
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Click Here To Get The Free Lesson!
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To your fluency,
Team JapanesePod101

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