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FWD: America cannot afford it
2016-09-22 02:11:52
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FWD: America cannot afford it

Received: 2016-09-22 02:11:52


We wanted to make sure you saw the email from Senator John Cornyn earlier. 

This is serious.

The Democrats are outraising our Republican team.

If we don’t act quickly, liberals like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Democrat SuperPACs will drown out Republicans in battleground states.
It just takes a minute — pitch in $25, $50, or even $100 or more to help us counter liberal attack ads and help us defend our Republican Senate majority this fall.

Republicans cannot afford to lose, Df. 

The U.S. Senate and the future of the Supreme Court are at stake. We need your help.

Step up today with your donation of $30 or more today and every dollar you give will be TRIPLE-MATCHED until midnight tonight.

Thank you, 
Senate Republicans 

P.S. You can read the message from Senator John Cornyn below. 


Sender: Senator John Cornyn 
Subject: America cannot afford it.

Df -

This is an election year unlike any other. The stakes are higher than ever. Our Republican Senate majority is in jeopardy and the future of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance.
There has never been a more important time to act.

The Democrats know this, which is why the DNC recently announced that they will be pouring $2.5 million into Senate races. It’s why New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer announced his transfer of another $1 million dollars to Senate Democrat campaigns this cycle

If we do not counter these attacks from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and liberal SuperPACs, we will lose precious time and voters. Without help from grassroots Republican voters like you, we could lose everything.
FIGHT BACK TODAY: pitch in $35 or more immediately to help our Republican campaigns defeat liberal Democrats and protect our Republican Senate majority.
This is serious, so our team has been authorized to TRIPLE-MATCH every donation made between now and midnight tonight.
Can our Republican team count on your help?
Pitch in $35 immediately >>>

Pitch in $50 immediately >>>

Pitch in $100 immediately >>>

Pitch in $200 immediately >>>

Pitch in another amount immediately >>>
We are at a tipping point. Republicans cannot afford to lose this year. America cannot afford it.
With less than 50 days until Election Day, your support matters more than ever.
I hope our Republican Senate team can count on you.
Senator John Cornyn 


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