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"What do I text her?"
2016-03-06 20:04:45
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"What do I text her?"

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Hey guys,

We get a shitton of emails from guys who are in the middle of a text conversation with a girl, and they have no idea what to text her back. There are tons of guys out there who do perfectly fine with an in-person conversation...but as soon as it transitions to a text message, they act like sending a good text is like diffusing a bomb. 

It's not. In fact, anybody who stresses out this much over texts is silly. Therefore we decided to make an entire show based around the absurd question, "What should I text her back?"

We're sending our email list a sneak peek of this episode -  check it out here: What to Text - Episode 1

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Make sure you hit the like button. If we get 2,000 likes on this video from our email list, we'll continue sending you guys sneak peeks of our videos before they're released to the public :)


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