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This "Secret" IRS Loophole Could SAVE Your Retirement
2016-08-22 11:05:52
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This "Secret" IRS Loophole Could SAVE Your Retirement

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Dear National Review Reader,

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Attention Retirees: If you have an IRA or 401k you need to read this..

Is Your IRA/401k At Risk?

"Little Known" IRS Loophole Could Protect Your Retirement From an Imminent Financial Collapse IF You Act Before Fall 2016...

August 22nd, 2016

I regret to inform you that due to the irresponsibility of our government, everything you've saved in your IRA/401k could be at risk...

FACT #1: Our government has borrowed more than it can pay back and is now in more than $18.9 Trillion in DEBT (that's over $158,276 per taxpayer!).

FACT #2: The total value of all IRA's & 401k's exceeds $23 Trillion.

Unfortunately, this means one of 3 things MUST happen...

1) Washington must drastically cut spending and drastically INCREASE TAXES...

2) The Government must systematically DEVALUE OUR CURRENCY in order to pay back debt with cheaper dollars.

3) The Government could NATIONALIZE YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT for the purpose of repaying the national debt.

The absolutely crazy part is: this doesn't even take in to consideration the looming dangers of an increasingly volatile stock market and the alarming and now ever-present threat of terrorism that could rock our economy at any time.

What do you think is more realistic: The stock market going up 60% or the stock market going down 60%? Sadly, you already know the answer.

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Don't be a victim - the risks are real:

  • Drastically increased taxes will shrink your net worth
  • Currency devaluation will decrease your purchasing power and makes your money worth less
  • Another economic collapse could slash your stock portfolio by as much as 50% almost overnight if 2008 is any indicator or what lies ahead.

Bottom line: How you PREPARE for the next big collapse could mean the difference between preserving your wealth or watching your savings disappear!

Don't live in regret like so many others will! Take advantage of this "little known" and 100% legal IRS Loophole that can help you PROTECT and even grow your hard-earned retirement savings (especially during a financial crisis)... and we spill the beans in this Special FREE REPORT which YOU and every American should read right now...

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To your financial safety!

- Sanford Mann

P.S. Act now, before the summer deadline and download your Free IRS Loophole Report while you still can!

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