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2016-09-24 14:59:33

Activate Your Account Today

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Hello lkmkmf,
Thanks for joining Connect! Here are the essentials for getting started with Connect.
What are points?
Points are Connect currency. By joining, you’ve received 10 free points. Each contact is worth 5 points, so 10 points = 2 contacts.

How do I earn more points?
You’re beginning your Connect membership in our new member tier, Rookie. As a Rookie, you can add or update up to 5 contacts a day. Every contribution — either the addition of a new contact or company or an update to an existing contact or company — is worth 5 points.

When do I get the points for my contributions?
Data quality is key to both our success and to yours. To ensure the best information is being shared with our community, our Data Quality team actively reviews contributions, especially those of new members still learning to use Connect. For your first 20 contributions, expect to see points awarded within three days.

What’s my screen name?
Your randomly assigned screen name, FastFist8, helps protect your anonymity and will be displayed on contact records you add or update. Want to personalize or simply change it? Once you activate your account, from the "My Account" drop down, select "My Settings," and edit away.
To get started, you must click the link below to activate your account.
Have questions? Get help on The Corner!
Thanks, Connect Support
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