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[Lang-8] How to get more corrections?
2016-08-03 06:30:22

[Lang-8] How to get more corrections?

Received: 2016-08-03 06:30:22

Dear ILOVEU, Thank you very much for using Lang-8. Today, we would like to introduce ways to get more corrections. - Correct as much as you can! (From the end of March we introduced a new system that gives placement priority to the journals of users who frequently correct other journals.) - Make more friends. You can search for other users here. Just click "Search members" at the top of the page. - Correct others entries then they will hopefully correct your entries. You can find entries awainting for corrections here. Just click "Correct" at the top of the page. - Fill in your profile. If people know who you are and they will be more interested in you and your entries. - Become a premium user. You don't have to be a premium user if you already get a lot of corrections, but it is actually a very effective way to get a fast response. Lang-8 homepage Thanks, Lang-8 team *Please don't reply to this Email address. [PR] Check out Lang-8's new project: HiNative. HiNative is a web service where users can ask people all over the world questions about culture, language, anything. --------------------------------------------------------- Lang-8 URL : Contact us : Facebook : Twitter : You can stop receiving new mails as following. You can quit Lang-8 as following ---------------------------------------------------------