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2016-05-31 03:40:34
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Received: 2016-05-31 03:40:34

Dear Robert Hernandez

You have been invited to this exclusive competition, where you can win a first class round the world trip. Value $ 250,000. We only ask you to confirm your spot today.

We have participants from all over Australia:
3 out of 5 persons on the list have confirmed their spot.

Robert from Krowera - Not confirmed
Peter from Krowera - Not confirmed
Medina from Krowera - Confirmed 20 minutes ago
Zoe from Krowera - Confirmed 12 minutes ago
Allan from Krowera - Confirmed 53 hours ago

We need you to confirm your spot right away!

Confirm here and win the trip!

Cheers in advance

Best Regards, 
Sienna Campbell

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