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Improve your intellect, memory, and focus.
2016-08-01 15:47:24

Improve your intellect, memory, and focus.

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There a bunch of theories and all of them may be right. The hygiene hypothesis or us being too clean may be responsible for some off this. Clearly there is more allergy in developed countries than in 3rd world countries to back this. Below is a comment about birth which could tie into this. C-sections are done in a sterile operating room whereas vaginal births go through the vaginal canal where there are many species of bacteria normally living. Perhaps this early exposure could be important. Overuse of antibiotics has been suggested as well. Again maybe getting lots of antibiotics either at birth or for all the ear infections and other early infections is not allowing our bodies the proper exposures. The antibiotics could tie into the idea of gut bacteria and gut health. There is a lot of attention on the idea that a balance of bacteria in your gut can help your immune system and perhaps protect against allergy and even autoimmune diseases. Antibiotics wipe out all the bacteria and possibly allow the bad bacteria to take hold throwing off this balance. There could be a role for probiotics in helping although there is not a lot of data on this. One study of oral immunotherapy with probiotics from Australia seemed to support this." style="color:#13626F">" alt="End forthcoming info" >