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Dabangg Banna - Boss, did you apply for the HCC yet?
2016-08-06 11:27:54
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Dabangg Banna - Boss, did you apply for the HCC yet?

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Hello Boss,

They say, 'With great power, comes great responsibility’. Therefore, Hitwicket is in the process of selecting their new Hitwicket Cricket Council (HCC) Board to get some fresh energy into the game and make the game even better!
HCC elections are just around the corner and we need to make sure we choose the best people for HCC board. As a matter of fact, I suggest you apply for it. You never know, you may become the prestigious member of HCC. Read all about it here.

As the World Cup and InterContinental Cup are in it's last leg and the regions are battling out to be the best! In the World Cup Semi Finals this week, Pakistan beat Kerala and Sri Lanka got the better of Punjab to set up an action packed Final. Click here to take a look at the Final at 20:00 HWT on Wednesday. Rumour has it that both teams have some tricks up their sleeve to surprise each other! 

Meanwhile, in the Inter-Continental Cup Quarter Finals Australia, New Zealand, Uttar Pradesh and Assam have triumphed their way to the Semi Finals. Catch the live action here.

Megh Jodha, Tofeeq Ibadulla & Aluri Bhatt celebrated their birthdays this week, there is a big party planned for it tom night. No doubt they are paying for it with the salary increase we had to give them!

Also, there were some Noteworthy Achievements by our players this week,

Gerhard Zox, Man of the Match 113 (66)

Gerhard Zox, Century 113* (66)

Gerhard Zox, Milestone 2000 runs in his career.

Nelon Oliver, Man of the Match 117 (54)

Nelon Oliver, Century 117* (54)

Nelon Oliver, Milestone 2000 runs in his career.

Our next match, Dabangg Banna v Priyanshumishra Pacifics is scheduled to be played at 6 pm this Monday.
Don't forget to set the match lineup, our boys can really bring it together with a little bit of direction.

Nelon Oliver & Megh Jodha made it to The League's All Star Team of the week. These players have really risen to the occasion this season, leading the team from the front.

As for the matches we played this week,

Fri, 5th Aug : ReoKings v Dabangg Banna
The credit for the win goes to the batsmen, after posting such a huge score. The required rate ensured that the opposing batsmen never could spend any time to get their eye in.

Mon, 1st Aug : Dabangg Banna v gautham kumaran
Really shoddy display by our bowlers here. They seem to have lost their radars, spraying the balls all over the pitch. It's a good thing our batsmen were in excellent form, chasing such a steep target is no mean feat!

Megh Jodha is now the Highest Wicket Taker in the league, his inspirational performances are sure to rub off onto the others!

Please upgrade the training facilities so that our players get some better effect of the training session.

Globally we are ranked 22440, I think thats quite good considering the number of teams in Hitwicket!

Also, I took the time to compile your Manager Reputation Points report for this week. Maybe you should consider taking action in aspects where you lack.
Twitter shares Not done!
Connected Twitter account with Hitwicket Not done!
Game manual feedback Not done!

Thats it from me this week, have a nice weekend!

Narhari Wagh,
Assistant Manager,
Dabangg Banna Cricket Club,
Maharashtra, India
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