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Thank you for contacting POF
2016-08-09 15:31:53
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Thank you for contacting POF

Received: 2016-08-09 15:31:53

Thank you for contacting POF! Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to all emails.

If you are an upgraded user, or have question about one of your payments, please send us a new email from the email address registered to your Upgraded POF account.

Otherwise, please see the below for the answers to the most frequent questions, or visit

How do I edit my profile?

Click this link to access ALL areas of your profile that can be edited:
*Some sections of Edit Profile can only be accessed using a desktop web browser. If you're using a mobile device and are looking to edit your password, email address, or Country, after clicking on the link please go to the Menu and select "Switch to Desktop site" to edit these areas.
**Please note your age/birthday can only be changed within the first 2 week of sign up. After 2 weeks, your birth date cannot be changed.

How can I log in if I've forgotten my username or password?

If you forgot your password, visit this page:
*Please ensure you're entering the email address registered to your account, and checking your junk folder!

If you forgot your username, you can login using your email address in place of your username. Once you successfully login, go to your profile to see your username.

How can I block a user, or report a profile?

Visit for more information, or:

To block a user, you need to have a message from them in your inbox, and be using one of our apps or a desktop browser. Open the message, and click on the "Block User" link (on the apps, it can be found in the drop down menu when viewing the message.)

To report a profile for breaking our terms and conditions, you will need to be logged in.
- You can report a user on the web ( by clicking on the Report User link at the very bottom of their profile page. The text says "Report User".
- You can report a user via the iPhone or Android apps by clicking "Report User" on the drop down menu (accessed via the menu symbol at top right of the screen) when viewing the profile you wish to report.
- If you do not have an account on POF, please email us the report and include the username or web-link to the profile you are reporting.

I can't send messages!

If your messages are not being sent, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

1. The recipient has mail settings restricting you from contact. There may be restrictions you cannot see listed on their profile.

2. You are being blocked by our spam filers for sending the same message to numerous users, or are using potentially bad language. If this happens your profile may temporarily be restricted from sending new messages.

3. Your profile may have been flagged for review and be in quarantine. If you cannot receive messages, add favorites, or are having trouble logging in, please wait 48 hours and try again.

4. Some users specify that they prefer to receive longer first messages. We recommend you writing a longer message if this occurs.

5. Your age is outside of the +/- 14 year contact restrictions (or +9 year restrictions for those under 22.) Please note your cannot send messages outside of these age restrictions

6. You can only send a "first contact" message to 55 new people per 24 hours, so make your first message to a user count! (Please note this limit is only on first contacts, and there is NO LIMIT on how many messages you can send per day, or how many different people you can message per day that you have previously made contact with - so chat as much as you like!)

Why was my account deleted?

POF has 0 tolerance for users who are rude, upload nude or fake pictures, are married, use sexual language in their first email, or break our terms of service in any way. Any user caught doing so is deleted. You may also be deleted if you accumulate a high number of blocks. Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again.

Please do not respond to this message. If you do not wish to be notified by email, please unsubscribe here:

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